The Madrean Archipelago ecoregion encompasses 4,330 km2 (1,672 mi2) of the southwestern corner of New Mexico, but is at the northeastern corner of a 205,178 km2 (79,220 mi2) contiguous patch that extends west into southeastern Arizona and south to central Mexico along the eastern edge of the Western Sierra Madre Mountains. In New Mexico, elevations range from 1,200-2,600 m (3,900-8,500 ft). Terrain consists of broad basins bordered by isolated, rugged mountains. The climate is a dry, subtropical steppe with hot summers and mild winters. Mean annual temperatures range from 7-19 oC (45-66 oF) with 170-280 frost-free days, and precipitation averages 26 cm (10.2 in) (range: 42-95 cm (17-37 in)), mostly occurring from July- September.


Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Madrean Archipelago Ecoregion







SGCN Amphibians in the Madrean Archipelago Ecoregion
SGCN Crustaceans in the Madrean Archipelago Ecoregion

Threats and Conservation Actions

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