The Lower Gila River Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) (Figure 36) encompasses 44,248 ha (109,339 ac), split between the Arizona-New Mexico Mountains and Chihuahuan Desert ecoregions. The largest portion of the COA is privately-owned (45%), with substantial amounts managed by BLM (23%) and USFS (22%). It contains three Important Bird Areas (Gila Bird Area, Gila-Cliff Area, Lower Gila Box) and one TNC refuge (Gila River Complex), but only 9% of its lands are protected. Landcover includes nine native vegetation habitats plus open water and agricultural lands. Almost half of the COA is covered by Madrean Lowland Evergreen Woodland (48%) with another third covered by Chihuahuan Desert Scrub (29%). Perennial aquatic habitats include 261 km (162 mi) of warm water streams and 25 ha (62 ac) of warm water reservoirs.


Species (SGCN)

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