The Black Range Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 181,729 ha (449,062 ac) in the Gila National Forest of western New Mexico. Almost all is managed by USFS (89%), but 10.4% is privately-owned. It contains one Important Bird Area (Ladder Ranch) and eight TNC conservation areas (Northern Black Range, Las Animas Creek, Gila River Complex, Hillsboro West, Ladder Ranch, Southern Black Range/Cooks Peak, Mineral Creek Mimbres River). Fifty-four percent of the COA is protected. Landcover includes 20 native vegetation habitats and a small amount of disturbed lands. Rocky Mountain Lower Montane Forest covers the largest portion of the COA (40%) with smaller amounts covered by Rocky Mountain Subalpine High Montane Conifer Forest (14%) and Intermountain Juniper Woodland (12%). Perennial aquatic habitats include 215 km (134 mi) of warm water and 271 km (168 mi) of cold water streams.


Species (SGCN)

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