The Middle Pecos River Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 54,870 ha (135,587 ac) that extends along the Pecos River from Fort Sumner to Lake Arthur, south of Roswell. Most of the COA is privately-owned (62%), but sizable portions are managed by the BLM (16.25%) and USFWS (12%). It contains two Important Bird Areas (Bitter Lake NWR and Bosque Redondo) and one TNC conservation area (Crawford Ranch). Only 14% of the COA is protected. Landcover includes 14 native vegetation habitats, open water, and agricultural, disturbed, and developed lands. Chihuahuan Desert Scrub is the dominant (60%) terrestrial habitat. Perennial aquatic habitats include 417 km (259 mi) of warm water streams and 22 ha (54 ac) of warm water reservoirs.


Species (SGCN)

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