Welcome to the State Wildlife Action Plan for New Mexico, your portal for exploring the conservation needs and opportunities for New Mexico’s wildlife and their habitats. 

The New Mexico “SWAP”  is part of a national initiative to  conserve our nation's fish and wildlife and prevent endangered species. New Mexico’s SWAP is intended as a blueprint for conservation and catalogs our knowledge about native wildlife, threats to their habitats, and strategies to mitigate or manage those threats. 

Here you can find:

  • Detailed information on 235 Species of Greatest Conservation Need (SGCN) and their habitats;
  • Threats and potential conservation actions based on habitat and ecoregions within the state;
  • Suggested Conservation Opportunity Areas in which to focus conservation actions;
  • Monitoring guidance in the context of climate change, and
  • Connections to a broad array other data sources for New Mexico’s wildlife species.

The SWAP is comprehensive in scope and strategic in nature. The issues addressed and the actions outlined cross political, jurisdictional, and ecological boundaries. Commitment, coordination, and communication among the diverse parties involved are critical to the collaborative success that the SWAP describes and aims to achieve.

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