The San Juan River Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 29,572 ha (73,074 ac) from Navajo Dam west to where the river crosses into Colorado near the Four Corners. Most (61.3%) of the COA is on tribal lands; 31.2% is privately-owned. It contains one Important Bird Area (B-Square Ranch) and two TNC conservation areas (Canyon of the Ancients, San Juan River). Only 1% is protected. Landcover includes eight native vegetation habitats plus open water, developed, and agricultural areas. Agricultural lands are the most abundant. Intermountain Dry Shrubland and Grassland (18%), Intermountain Saltbush Shrubland (15%), and Cliff, Scree, and Rock (10%) are the dominant native habitats. Perennial aquatic habitats include 185 km (115 mi) of warm water streams, 27 km (17 mi) of cold water streams, and 1.8 ha (4.4 ac) of warm water reservoirs.


Species (SGCN)

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