The San Francisco River Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 163,724 ha (404,571 ac) 100 km (62 mi) north of Silver City. Most (89%) of it is managed by USFS. It contains three TNC conservation areas (Gila River Complex, Mogollon Divide, and Tularosa River); only 9% of its lands are protected. Landcover includes 15 native vegetation habitats plus open water, developed, and agricultural lands. Three habitats are dominant: Rocky Mountain Lower Montane Forest (50%), Madrean Lowland Evergreen Woodland (26.4%), and Intermountain Juniper Woodland (16.4%). Perennial aquatic habitats include 523 km (325 mi) of warm water and 152 km (94 mi) of cold water streams.


Species (SGCN)

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