SWAP Habitat
Great Plains Wet Meadow, Marsh & Playa
NVC Name
Great Plains Wet Meadow, Marsh & Playa
SWAP General Vegetation Type
The Great Plains Wet Meadow, Marsh and Playa [M071] habitat is primarily associated with playa lakes of the High Plains and Tablelands ecoregion. Playas are small, closed basins typified by the presence of an impermeable clay layer (Randall clay) that leads to creation of ephemeral lakes following rainfall events. They are rarely linked to outside groundwater sources and do not have an extensive watershed. Vegetation is typically herbaceous-dominated with a mix of annual and perennial graminoids and forbs but is highly variable depending on rainfall. Representative graminoids include spike rushes (Eleocharis spp.), foxtail barley (Hordeum jubatum), western wheatgrass, vine-mesquite grass (Panicum obtusum), and buffalograss.

Species that live in Great Plains Wet Meadow, Marsh & Playa

Threats and Conservation Actions

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