The Mimbres River Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 15,038 ha (37,160 ac) 30 km (19 mi) west of Silver City. Almost half of the COA is privately-owned (48.5%) and half is managed by USFS (47%). It contains two Important Bird Areas (Mimbres River and Southern Black Range/Cooks Peak) and 38% of its lands are protected. Landcover includes 12 native vegetation habitats plus open water, developed, and agricultural lands. Three habitats are dominant: Madrean Lowland Evergreen Woodland (35%), Intermountain Juniper Woodland (31.3%), and Rocky Mountain Lower Montane Forest (23.4%). Perennial aquatic habitats include 76 km (47 mi) of warm water streams, 44 km (27 mi) of cold water streams, and 11.6 ha (28.7 ac) of warm water reservoirs.


Habitat Name Habitat Size in Hectares
Chihuahuan Desert Scrub 13.41
Chihuahuan Semi-Desert Grassland 360.63
Cliff, Scree & Rock Vegetation 140.94
Developed & Urban 179.28
Herbaceous Agricultural Vegetation 377.1
Intermountain Dry Shrubland & Grassland 47.07
Intermountain Juniper Woodland 4716.36
Madrean Lowland Evergreen Woodland 5311.35
Madrean Montane Forest & Woodland 87.3
Open Water 1.71
Rocky Mountain Lower Montane Forest 3527.1
Rocky Mountain Montane Riparian Forest 0.45
Rocky Mountain Subalpine-High Montane Conifer Forest 7.29
Southwest Riparian Forest 21.15
Warm Interior Chaparral 245.43

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