The Zuni Mountains Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 110,750 ha (273,669 ac) west of Grants. Most (75%) of it is managed by USFS; 22.5% is privately-owned. It contains one Important Bird Area (Blackrock and Nutria Lakes) and two TNC refugia (Rio Nutria, Zuni Mountains), but none of its lands are protected. Landcover includes 14 native vegetation habitats plus open water, developed, and agricultural lands. Two habitats are dominant: Rocky Mountain Lower Montane Forest (60%) and Intermountain Juniper Woodland (36.5%). Perennial aquatic habitat includes 59 km (37 mi) of warm water streams.


Habitat Name Habitat Size in Hectares
Arid West Interior Freshwater Emergent Marsh 1.53
Cliff, Scree & Rock Vegetation 279.99
Developed & Urban 16.92
Herbaceous Agricultural Vegetation 11.16
Intermountain Dry Shrubland & Grassland 1381.5
Intermountain Juniper Woodland 40438.35
Intermountain Saltbush Shrubland 9.18
Intermountain Tall Sagebrush Shrubland 22.5
Madrean Lowland Evergreen Woodland 16.02
Montane-Subalpine Wet Shrubland & Wet Meadow 21.15
Open Water 5.04
Rocky Mountain Lower Montane Forest 66481.83
Rocky Mountain Montane Riparian Forest 981
Rocky Mountain Subalpine-High Montane Conifer Forest 457.56
Rocky Mountain Subalpine-High Montane Meadow 355.86
Warm & Cool Desert Alkali-Saline Wetland 37.53
Warm Interior Chaparral 72.99

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