The Bootheel Conservation Opportunity Area (COA) encompasses 98,892 ha (244,367 ac) in the Animas and Peloncillo Mountains, 100 km (62 mi) south of Lordsburg. Most of the COA is privately-owned (72.6%) with a sizable portion managed by USFS (15%). It contains four Important Bird Areas (Clanton Canyon, Guadalupe Canyon, Gray Ranch Grasslands, Animas Mountains) and one TNC conservation area (Sierra San Luis/Peloncillo Mountains). Sixty-two percent of the COA is protected. This COA contains no perennial aquatic habitat. Landcover includes 11 native vegetation habitats plus open water and some disturbed lands. Dominant habitats are Chihuahuan Desert Scrub (65.5%) and Madrean Montane Lowland Evergreen Woodland (24%).


Habitat Name Habitat Size in Hectares
Chihuahuan Desert Scrub 4505.94
Chihuahuan Semi-Desert Grassland 65755.62
Cliff, Scree & Rock Vegetation 1198.53
Madrean Lowland Evergreen Woodland 23795.37
Madrean Montane Forest & Woodland 666.09
Open Water 2.16
Recently Disturbed or Modified 272.07
Rocky Mountain Pinyon - Juniper Woodland 6.84
Rocky Mountain Subalpine-High Montane Conifer Forest 13.86
Southwest Riparian Forest 416.16
Warm Desert Lowland Riparian Shrubland 55.44
Warm Interior Chaparral 2045.25
Warm-Desert Arroyo Riparian Scrub 29.25

Species (SGCN)

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